December 27, 2003

I'm back!

Tomorrow it will be 8 months of blogging. Man, it doesn't seem like that long but I guess time flies when you don't have many people around you to piss you off. So far we've all cringed at my bad poetry, my questionable humor, my music which is apparently an acquired taste, and the occassional pieces of digital art that I can bear to reduce to webpage palatable size. We're coming up on a new year, so what's next for the Unstoppable Force? I've been thinking about various ways I can go with this. I mean, it's fun to just keep going as is since nothing is really broke but on the other hand it would be nice to think about something new and juicy to do here in the coming year. What do you think folks? Should I open up the blog to new bloggers and share the wealth of my tremendously shallow blogging experience? More nude pictures of myself, perhaps wiggling around in a tub of butter? Should I stalk and kill a celebrity? Ideas! We need ideas, so don't restrain yourself and help me out. Send me ideas in the comments of this blog entry or by email to the left. Come on, be bold! If you think that my best move would be to see how many women I can step up to and french kiss before I serve a prison sentence or get a concussion, tell me! I am open to ideas. I am awash in expectation for your ideas. Give me your thoughts, think of it as charity for those of us who have few.


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