April 30, 2003

Unstoppable: Tons of New Content

I'd love to be able to say I have tons of new content for everyone today, but I spent most of the afternoon running around town and being with my daughter. She's so sweet, but she's getting so BIG. It's hard seeing your child in these little snapshots, every few days, a week, things like that. She's already hitting that "Oh dad" stage, I hope it doesn't grow into a thing. I was hoping that with her mother being around all the time that I could be the "cool" parent, the confidante, the problem solver. I don't know any more. The whole boobs thing is getting in the way I guess, it's hard to talk to dad about your chest when dad really has very little input that you can use. I mean, puberty is just a lot different for girls and boys. What do I tell her about puberty? "Well, when I was your age I decided that my prick was the coolest toy ever, much better than my GI Joes." I can't tell her that, that would be like telling her that my parents didn't have to answer a lot of my questions because I found my dad's um, private audio/visiual collection really early on in life, like 11. My God, she's 11 now...


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