July 18, 2004

Politics: This Is The Shit: Now With Actual Talent!

"It started with this "letter to a son" that has been making the rounds. We had had an IM discussion earlier in the week, and I had made the mistake of telling her that my father-in-law (who was a Bush voter in 2000) and I had gone to see Fahrenheit 911. She said that she thought it was a piece of propaganda (of course, without having seen it) and so I tried to change the subject. She told me that she would be forwarding the above-mentioned e-mail to me. I told her I would read it and do my best to respond thoughtfully to it."

Basically this guy gave his mother an honest review of his thoughts and she attacked him for it. What is Bush, a fucking President or a guru? Does this mean that Cheney and Rumsfield will soon be chopping off their balls and trying to hitch a ride to paradise on a comet?


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