October 13, 2004

Politics: Bush, Nazis, and America

"The questions raised by the known facts about the Bush family's connections to the Nazi war machine should really be a matter of some national moment, because they raise serious issues about the relationship between America and Nazism and its atrocities, and the ramifications of those ties in today's world.

These are not only serious but deeply disturbing issues, which may be why there has been relatively little mainstream effort to address them. Unfortunately, the highly partisan way that they have been framed to date has done little to make the debate a serious or thoughtful one. And conservatives' attempts to pretend that the questions should not even be taken seriously are a sort of historical revisionism -- falsifying history by pretending it didn't even happen."

This is a six part article by David Neiwart and worth reading for even the most rabid (ok, well maybe not the most rabid - you know who you are) Republicans. It examines the connections with Nazi Germany and George W Bush's grandfather, debunking and clarifying along the way, and sets the record straight. After you've read it you'll probably feel as better informed as I do on the issue now, all without a sound bite to swallow.


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