July 19, 2003

More scary blogs: Over at Stardust's Blog she seems to have decided on doing nothing but quizzes all the time. I'm not saying that quizzes are lame, I obviously wander into stupid quizzes myself and post the results. That's because often the only way I can figure out a reason to rationally add a graphic to this blog is to dish out a quiz result, or worse I have nothing important to say at that moment.*

I'm going to modify some more of the styles here soon, to take advantage of some neater things I'm learning about style sheets. I'm beginning to think that if I ever get around to going back for those web design courses at the college I'm going to be horribly bored. Sometimes it's a real pain in the ass that classes have prerequisites, I could have cheerfully skipped about 80% of the beginning level courses I've taken over the years and gotten on famously with the good stuff in the upper levels.

I'm trying to sandwich in some blog time before the pooey hits the fan later on this evening when my grandparents come over. Hopefully Phoenix will be happy enough to hide out in my room and let me run interference or something, or maybe I'm just worried about nothing. It's burgers tonight, which some genius decided were mandantory for my grandparent's vacation but cooking in this horrible weather on the grill should be pretty interesting. Earlier today the power went out while I was funking with my template, only my good habits of 'save and save often' kept it from being a complete disaster.

While you're here, check out this story about a boy who has flies crawling out of his genitals, this guy who ate his own penis, and visit natalieportman.com to share in my painful private lust over the unattainable. Seriously though, fan sites are creepier to me sometime than the concept of eating your own penis. At least eating your penis is honestly crazy, while chasing another person around snapping pictures of them eating icecream is probably worse than coming here to read what I've wrote here each day. At least if I send a picture to Unstoppable Force of me eating ice cream you can be damned sure that no one was hiding in a bush masturbating while they took it.**

*I can only imagine the astonished disbelief from the people who actually know me. ME?!? At a loss for WORDS?!?! I know, but every so often I feel the need to take a breath and get lost.

** If anyone really wants to hide in the bushes and masturbate over taking pictures of me eating ice cream, that's fine too. Even if it's a guy, as long you keep it to yourself you sicko.


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