February 11, 2004

Just When You Thought Home Improvement Shows Were Getting Boring

They're all of our secret vices I guess. While You Were Out and Trading Spaces, all the way back to the mucho masculine This Old House we've always had a secret yen for watching other people work. Tonight though I saw the ubershow, the pinnacle of entertainment. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I was watching In a Fix the new show from TLC. No, the show itself sucks. The homeowners are clueless and boring, and the host is an idiot. What is exciting with In a Fix though is Jennie Berntson, a woman with a hammer that makes one beg for infancy again. Oh mamma! Everyone knows I'm not one of those tit hungry guys with an eye only for guns, but there's just something rather hypnotic about their sheer size coupled with sweaty tshirts and sweaty woman-beast. I was entranced, I wanted cookies to go with the show. I was lost. I had to share. Have fun.


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