July 22, 2003

Don't ask me how I actually found the link to here, but I found it oddly compelling. Apparently the webpage is set up for round-eye freaks like me who find themselves living in Korea, presumably not courtesy of Uncle Sam. Despite having very little inclination to live, work, or even visit Korea I found myself amused for a whole half hour as I navigated the ruthlessly inefficient site and it's strange presentation. It's nice to know that my money is worth more in Korea, but I'm unsure if it's worth the indignity of crapping in a hole in the floor. I think the main reason to go to Korea for myself would be to get some good kimchi, which doesn't sound like a good reason really. I haven't had any good kimchi since I was in high school and could sponge my dirty cabbage habit off of my friend's girlfriends. We used to eat that stuff like popcorn while our eyes glossed over watching each other play Tetris and drinking sweet tea. Ugh...Why didn't I spend my time drinking, smoking pot, and having unprotected sex like all the other teenagers?


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