July 21, 2003

Ok, today I went to take Phoenix to lunch only to find her eating when I got there. That was a little annoying since I asked her mother to not let her eat anything specifically until I got there but I'll get over it. Later on we played Connect Four for a while and basically hung out, my eyes are still itchy from their cat. Anyways, in short order it was a pretty boring day.

I asked for Trina's opinion on the new layout while I was there too. It's always kind of weird when someone's looking at the blog that I know or that's in there, I've made a pretty conscious decision not to risk editing myself at all while I'm writing in here. If I tell you here that last night I blew a goat then dammit, that's what happened. I'm not really sure what anyone else thinks about it though, especially anyone who gets any specific mention in here. For a guy that basically lives like a hermit I really do form opinions on people though and I don't feel the least bit ashamed in giving my opinions and thoughts on the people around me. Who knows? There's always the chance that someone will actually appreciate the level of open communication that I've got going on here compared to what people get from me in normal circumstances. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I hope that people take my blog the right way. I know that sometimes I might say unkind things about people who I might not know very well, talk from my ass about things I don't know anything about, say mean things or rude things, and basically make a different sort of ass of myself than I normally do here. That's ok, that's what I was intending. But if it bothers anyone who's mentioned here about anything I say, just tell me and maybe I'll start calling you Marzipan or Elroy. I'm not going to stop talking about anyone though, because editing my thoughts here would be like turn the tap closed on my soul. I don't think it would make anyone as happy as they think it would and it would certainly be frustrating for me.


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