July 29, 2003

People In Love Are Stupid

"I almost lost the woman I love because of a stupid decision I made. Maybe I did deserve to die, but they were kind enough to let me live because they knew how much I needed her in life and death. She's my everything. She's the air I breathe, the songs I sing, the sweet words I hear, and she's everything beautiful around me. I couldn't ask for a more perfect person to accept me as the imperfect person I am. And I'm forever grateful to her. "

Man, that's just pathetic. I mean, I'm pathetic too but in a drunk crazy uncle sort of way. "Maybe I did deserve to die"? Dude, unless that cat is plated in gold and she's carrying a six figure inheritance you're walking dangerously close to deserving to have your package chopped off and repossessed by the Guy Police for acting like a fucking woman. If you have to be grateful for getting some, then you've handed her the balls and let her run with them too much. Didn't your dad ever teach you that only girls wear panties son?

I know, I sound like almost a caricature of myself...but damn! There's a lot to be said for equality, but he's taking it too far. When women want to wear pants, you let them wear pants. You do not, under any circumstances, put on the figurative dress. That's begging for the next biker to come along as horse cock your woman away from you. If all your woman wants is someone to adore her and chase after her, why doesn't she get a dog?


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