July 02, 2003

The Spectator deserves some links, even if I'm not sure if I prefer it over The Onion. In less funny news there's this guy who I'm at least glad didn't blame everything on his Dungeon Master. Dude, get a gun and shoot people like all your friends. Another interesting place to go today might be the Tard Blog. I ran across this blog while I was looking at someone else's blog, who I assure you was less interesting. In any case Tard Blog is very...human. It's one of those places you go and find yourself repelled but if you're honest with yourself you can empathize. Overall I think that this is a good thing, when Dusty and Asa were interns at the group home for handicapped kids they related a lot of the same sentiment. I think there must be something horrible about the whole thing that leads people involved in that sort of care to treat it differently than those of us on the outside. Sort of like the blase way black people can refer to each other in language that would earn a serious ass-whipping from a rednecky looking white guy like me.


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