October 21, 2003

Ok, enough with the frickkin' half posts...Here comes monzster maniac me!

My computer has been freaking out lately. Most specifically I've been losing my D: drive. Twice. That's pretty annoying, even if it's only 13 gigs and I've backed it up pretty extensively. I lost most of the songs I was working on recently, for instance and if it ain't on my ftp then I don't have a copy of the old ones either. The whole issue seems to be my CD drive, which has been having a complete hissy fit over some of my old mp3 disks that have been through hell and back. I've talked to Josh and he seems to think that it might be my inferior Dell power supply and my crammed case. I'm not disinclined to argue with him. I've checked the harddisks themselves extensively and they seem to be fine, no more bugs than I normally find in my WindowsME computer at least and no STDs for androids either. Anyways, I've been fighting it. I think I might end up just reburning all my mp3 disks, which will be a pain but what else do I have in my life anyways?

Anyways, I've been updating this tonight. You might have noticed. Or not. My usual standards for updating include me having something to say or coming across something funny. I've not been very prompt lately in updating so as you might guess I've got a backlog of cool things to show to everyone to prove how clever I am. Or not.

I've got a lot of bizarre. Barbed wire hula hooping anyone? The Sect of Homokaasu has an endearing logo, "Kill Everyone". Nice to see that I'm not the only one that sees funny little electric cars as an environmental half-measure. Then we have bad baby names which might be the only place a prospective parental torturer might be able to turn to have a clear conscience that naming her daughter Uretha might be a damning thing to do. The Gematriculator is another wise thought from those kooky Homokaasu, to rate a site on the inherent good or evil wherein. Just so you know, your faithful blogger's site is a wholesome 80% good. The word nasty is worth 1051 points...Nasty. I don't speak Japanese, or whatever this is, but here is a whole page devoted to timelining a lizard growing it's tail back. I dunno, maybe it's an article on how to farm the tails for food? "The seamstresses who create such abominations should be stoned to death," is the quote that sticks out in my mind about the new fashion tend in Iraq. Personally I think the fag who convinced guys to wear turtlenecks should be stoned to death too, and maybe my first roommate. This site about pierced nipples probably should get a nod too, oh the agony. They've got links to underage leather too. Want more? How about dispelling that myth that cum is good for your skin? Yep, empirical experimentation. You can convince some idiots to do anything. I'm going to tell them right now that I meant that it was good for stopping ulcer pains and that for best results some chick should come over right now and have me deposit some to line her stomach with. Yeah, maybe that will work. Or maybe I should just start interviewing dates with my frickking mortar in tow, nothing says "little dick" like a big widemouth piece of artillery that shoots bowling balls at sod. For more funny, there's always Mr. Deadguy. I think they're puppets, or maybe they're just really really really hungry and ugly. More: Who wants to be f'cked real hard? I like the image of Kobe manhandling the Olsen twins, that would probably be the best porno I've ever seen. It would sure beat seeing some guy's ex-gf's glass eye that he decided to put up on EBay. I don't know what some people are thinking, only most people. And believe me guys, that shit ain't pretty. You are all some sick fucks.

Finally, I dedicate this movie that I didn't make to all women everywhere. Ah love's yah baby.


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