October 25, 2003

I'm A Total Addict

Phew! I'm still really over my oh shit moment of the past few months, I was trying to install some old games onto my computer and the whole thing just decided that enough was enough and that it was going home. Really. So Windows was crapped out enough that it wouldn't even reinstall itself and I had to spend some agonizing hours s-l-o-w-l-y moving my important files over to my D: drive which had it's own oh shit moment twice in the past few days. So for someone who does most of everything on the computer, I haven't had a very good run of things recently. I really need to get enough money to upgrade this cantankerous piece of shit real soon I think, I've got this "your warranty is invalid" feeling about the whole machine lately. The only good news about the whole process is that I managed to salvage my Favorites and all of my pictures and artwork this time, even if I did forget to backup the email. Everything is an ugly jumbled mess thanks to DOS' no long filenames thing going on, but at least I can look forward to something to do as I guess I'll just go down the list at some point and re-bookmark and delete the old one. Fun fun fun!

In the "weird but good" category I spent this morning trying to fix the DSL modem, which wouldn't reinitialize with the old startup disks thanks to me "fixing" the password on my modem. The dumb program that sets up the DSL couldn't talk to the modem with the new password, apparently even after I popped the reset button on that bad boy. BUT, when I came home with some dreadful anticipation to my apparently long hours ahead of me to see if I could indeed once again master my modem, the whole thing became for naught. That's right, started right up. Go figure. I wish I know what I might have done, but I'm a photoshop guy not a networking guy. I'm just happy I can feed my addiction again. It's hard being without the internet and living alone. I'm pretty sure without it I'd be a corpse coughing up bullets on a slab eventually, pessimistic but perhaps realism is my strong point. In any case, I will be gone still most of next week even though I probably will pop into here occassionally. Hope you are all doing well and everyone has a great week on my birthday!


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