November 20, 2003

New From Hypocrisy:

US Bioweapons Research, sort of gives you one of those "Sure, they're just doing it for research" moments. Honestly I wouldn't mind if the government were doing research on weapons that turned puppies, kittens and baby into a foul paste as long as they were honest enough to say, "Yes, we have baby killing bioweapons and if anyone ever decides to REALLY fuck with us don't think we won't paste their pets and children. We are some badass motherfuckers." I realize politics being what they are we can't do things like this, but I really hate that we have this continuing habit of bald-faced lying going on. The politicians do it, the officials do it, the contractors that work for the government are obligated to do it. If we've developed a spray that makes people's nuts fall off why won't we tell the world? We were bold enough to give it the go-ahead, we should be courageous enough to face up to the consequences. Politics isn't about facing up to consequences though I suppose, it's about doing what you want and holding power over people and then making scapegoats out of them. Oh well, the world sucks. Anything new?


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