November 02, 2003

Another sucky post

Amburgers n' Wootbeer is cute. I don't know what it's about, but it's cute.

Adieu is not so cute, but somehow profound. It outlines the journals of an expatriate living in Thailand and really is a sort of fascinatingly sad read. I guess the only sadder to me is that it seems to me that he might have a reason for his feelings of being isolated and alone, living as he is in Thailand away from his language and culture, and I've really just got no excuse. Speaking of Thailand, this is just a random link about what I understand is some edible plant over there. How should I know? I thought it was interesting though, and if it's not interesting to you then at least I can find it interesting that I can lure you all to my boredom.

B3TA is pretty cool, and not just because it's the lurking ground for some incredibly tlented graphic artists and designers. They've got a lot of interesting images to look at, and God knows everyone probably could use a break from my text heavy blog by now right? I mean, I'd love to put some flash in here but that would mean domains and buying flash. Besides, flash would be a good way to freak everyone out and have everyone running away I guess right?

Right now I'm watching community access television from Mobile or something. It's really strange, usually when people get on TV from mobile they're just the standard blue-haired old men talking about how you're going to hell and Jesus saves. These are rock n' roll rednecks though, guys with mullets and and tight black tshirts talking in goofy drawls about awful local rock bands. I appreciated the freaky gory weird community access television from Hawaii more, with it's buckets of homemade fake blood and plotlines that basically involved underage kids walking around in closeup shots wearing mirroshades and posing with their obviously plastic firearms. Great stuff. Anyways, Mobile (check out the website!)sucks. It's a really ugly city. All Alabama cities are pretty ugly though. I don't know what makes a city not ugly and more interesting. Atlanta is pretty ugly sometimes but doesn't feel as trashy as Birmingham for instance, and as pleasant as Montgomery is compared to Miami it still doesn't feel as gorgeous. New Orleans is absolutely filthy and it comes across as mysterious unless you're looking at sending your kids to public schools there. It's just filthy and dangerous at that point I think.

This Person Doesn't Sound White is an interesting article. Prejudice is a weird thing for me. I'm obviously white, from my voice to my cracker ass pasty skin. I can't even claim my real heritage thanks to decades of Nazis, rednecks and Foghorn Leghorn. Being a Southerner IS about being racially profiled, but you can't really claim it unless you want the inevitable backlash of someone wagging a finger at you as some sort of Hitler Youth Wannabe. On the same token I've watched some of my dearest friends suffer from discrimination, seen what a room shutting up because you're the wrong color with my own eyes in Honolulu, and had to constantly chide my own family for falling back on their old habits of racial slurs without even thinking about it. Having to tell your grey-haired grandfather (who honestly doesn't mean a thing by it I think) that nigger isn't a proper word to use is hard when you're growing up. Then you get really racist attitudes like I've seen from some northerners and folks from other countries that don't have the huge amounts of racial mixing that we have around here, with the double whammy of calling ME the racist because (of course) I must be because I was born in Alabama. Oh well, does Phoenix sound white?

Want more tonight? Sure you do! Russian rappers, Peter Pan, the Time Cube, Juvenile Millionaires, Apollo 3 is freakin' old skool, the Weed Webpage, Gaydar, and omigod The Last Samuri looks like a great film. More, crystal clear awesome photgraphy of Heidi's Eyes, Do's and Don'ts, a Voodoo Mancatcher Kit, and this curious page with nothing but women and their pussies. Seriously, they're voting on who is the 'cat lady'. It all looks like one big allergy to me.


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