November 05, 2003

Let's Talk About Keanu Reeves (And anything else that I think of)

Ok, so the hum about the new Matrix movie is obviously beginning to go into full swing and that means that Keanu Reeves is appearing once more in my peripheral vision as I sit here engrossed with my computer. That's not a figure of speech, my television really is just a comfortable head nod to the right of my monitor so that I can have pretty pictures to look at while I whip my slow computer into doing some daunting task like opening programs and saving text files. But I digress, the point is that Keanu Reeves is really pale. Not just cracker pale like me, who probably gets about as much sun as your average earthworm or burrowing larvae, but really really pale. The guy looks like he's about to fade away or at least have a gross Ann Rice moment with another similarly pale guy (time to get a suntan I guess). I suppose you could say that it's for the movie, Matrix-esque has always been stylized by vague androgyny and a sort of non-S&M wear gothica. I suppose it was even designed to appeal to those folks like me who liked the Cure and wore too many makeup products in the pursuit of getting laid in the late 80s and early 90s. But I assure you, once Nirvana and the whole grunge thing came along I fled to flannel. I don't have anything against homosexuals, but androgyny gave me the creeps even when it attracted droves of "this will really scare daddy" girls. I understand that now it's not androgynous it's "metrosexual", but it still boils down to dressing yourself up to appeal to parish priests and ancient greeks. Not a good thing in my opinion, but it's possible that I'm just too old and that having the waifish appeal of a sixteen year old boy is good for Keanu's funstick. I can't argue with that, I just wonder what anyone with millions of dollars needs besides the green stuff?

The soundtrack for We Were Soldiers is really outstanding. I admit I haven't seen the movie, but the music is great. From the first track Prelude sang by now deceased singer Johnny Cash to I'll Go With You, it's just perfectly fitting for a bunch of songs about war with the perfect mix of militarism and liberalism. In fact I think I'm going to listen to it some more, instead of write this. Everyone be good ok?


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