November 08, 2003

Childhood Ends

You're not the same little girl I held in my arms so long ago
You've grown a past and lost that innocence that made me safe and warm
The softest of your kisses are no more meant for me
And baby, I can't protect you anymore from who you want to be

In your tears from when he'd hurt you, I used to kiss them away
And when you whispered to me your demons I told you I would summon myself to stay
You're not the fragile reed of glass that threatens to shatter in the wind
And baby I can't protect you anymore, childhood always ends

I've watched you growing and tried to pretend that it was a lie
But like any baby bird I know you'll grab your wings and fly
I don't know what sun will rise in my horizon once you're gone
But baby I can't protect you, anymore than you could call my heart your home


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