May 17, 2003

Bar Talk

I'm sorry I was late to pick you up tonight,

I would have been there sooner but me and the guys

Went out after work to have a few beers and few beers turned into a few more

And then suddenly I found myself thinking about how hard it is-

Making the bills and watching the kids and how the everyday turn and toil

Of well, everything has just been getting to me lately and

I really, really needed this- These few beers and this time to think.

So I would have picked you up sooner, you see? But I was having this

Life shaking vision of How It Is.

I was thinking, oh

and I don't love you anymore.

May 13, 2003

Tonight I have a joke I heard

(Jason has a conversation with his new neighbour Pete)

J: So what do you do?
P: I teach deducive logic.
J: Huh?
P: Let me demonstrate. Do you have a dog?
J: Yes.
P: From this I deduce that you have a family?
J: Yeah.
P: And a wife?
J: Yeah.
P: And if you have a wife, I deduce that you are heterosexual.
J: That's amazing!

(After this Jason visits his friend Chris)
J: I just found out this awesome field called deducive logic.
C: Say what?
J: Let me demonstrate. Do you have a dog?
C: No.
J: Then you must be gay.

May 01, 2003

Idiot amusements prevail. There hasn't been a sense of pride rising out of me like this since I made high score on my old Atari. I just scored 23740 on Bejeweled over at MSN. I am such a simple guy. Really.