September 14, 2003

New Terror Laws Used Against Private Citizens

Now it seems that the shoe has finally fallen and the Patriot Act is being used to prosecute and detain common criminals. Who would have thought it, except the millions of Americans who pointed out that this was exactly what would happen beforehand. I hope Hell has a special place reserved for people like John Ashcroft, where they can be buttfucked by drug dealers prosecuted as terrorists for all eternity.

September 13, 2003

Love Again No More

Love cannot replace what I'm missing
Because my heart's already gone
Your eyes cannot make my blood burn
Because my soul has turned to stone

I was dead long before you met me
And no resurrections are for the damned
You can hold my cold body next to you
But honey I'm a broken man

The tears you wet my face with
Can't move me from this evil place
The shadow of your lips in the darkness
Can't rescue the memory in her face

Leave me be please I beg you
Let these wounds of mine never heal
Never make me fall again
Please help me to never feel

Please don't let love remind me
Please darling let me go
Love has destroyed me once before
Let me love again no more