April 25, 2006

Humor: Saving the World From Hip Hop

If you've known me for a while, you've probably figured out what sort of devoutly religious person I am. Yes, I know that you all supported me in my short-lived campaign to rule all of Catholicism with my iron-fist of religious zeal but you must do more.

You see, there are unspeakable evils going on in this world. Evils that cause boils and burning rashes, uncontrolled fits of "booty" movement, and urination on underage girls. Yes my friends, I am talking to you today about the evils of Hip Hop music.

Hip Hop promotes Satanism and drug use, and even the devil's own : homosexuality.

Here are some links to sites that you should all go to, or else forswear your Heavenly reward and burn like vermin in the Hell of your putrid afterlife:

The Truth

Christians Against Hip Hop